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What is GameBox Studio ?

GameBox Studio is Vir0z4 Network's game development studio that is based on a French Discord server. The team has evolved from just a couple of friends working on a projet, to a 30 member team. GameBox Studio works on different projects, most of which are developed on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

You will soon be able to find games developed by GameBox Studio on Steam, Google Play Store, and To stay tuned on GameBox Studio's projects, and get to know the progress of development, please join the Discord server which is linked down below. The server is for now only in French and we do not have plans to create an English community just yet. You can also keep an eye on the progress of the development on GameBox Studio's website, which is also linked down below.

GameBox Studio's Current Project

Development of Other You, a virtual world where you can live your life as you wish, has been halted, as we are currently missing developers and game designers (please see "Want to help ?" section below). So, we have now started a new game project, called Overload Runner. Overload Runner is an "endless-runner" game with exceptional graphics, and high-concentration gameplay. It is based on the Unity Engine. It is still in early stages of development, however, unlike Other You, development is progressing fast. Please see GameBox Studio's website down below to take a look at the latest development informations. image

Want to help ?

GameBox Studio is hireing Unity and Unreal Engine developers, and game designers ! This is not a job, it is indended to be a way to pass your free time if you'd like. However, when a game is released, depending on the amount of development work you've done on the game, you will get a cut of any revenue it generates. Even though GameBox Studio is in French, we are also hireing English-speaking people, as for development work, it doesn't matter, as main administrators of the studio speak fluent English.
Please click here to take a look at GameBox Studio's application page. It is in French, however it is possible to translate it if necessary.