About Us

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Who are we ?

Vir0z4 Network is a small IT and gaming network, that maintains a number of different projects. Originally created in 2017 as a petty origami tutorials website, it has gradually changed into what it is now. We are based in Switzerland, and we operate under 2 languages, English and French. The core Vir0z4 administration team is pretty small, consisting of only 3 people. All other 39 members are allocated to certain projects.

Our goal

Our goal is to release various tools and games designed to improve your personal entertainment. We want to provide high-quality games and applications, which is not the case today unfortunately, but Vir0z4 Network is ongoing some major changes that will change exactly that.

Want to help ?

We are not a company, we have barely enough money to keep the network afloat, so if you would like to help with a certain project in any way you can, please contact us at "[email protected]" and we would be honoured to welcome you in the team ! Donations will soon be available, though not a lot of people will donate, for now that is.