• GameBox Studio

    Vir0z4 Network game development studio based in France.

    GameBox Studio is Vir0z4 Network game development studio based on a French Discord server. To take a look at GameBox Studio's different projets, and to talk to the community, please join the Discord server that can be found on the learn more page of the studio.

    GameBox Studio's current projet is Other You, a game where you can live an alternative life and do what you want in that life. The game will be multiplayer and will be avaliable in both French and English at launch. To learn more about the progress of the development, please join the GameBox Studio Discord server which invite link can be found on the learn more page, or take a look at the Twitter.

  • VeryPVP Minecraft server

    Minecraft: Java Edition server in development.

    VeryPVP is a Minecraft: Java Edition server that started in 2016. Things were terribly made, and it was overall a total failure. Now, the team is working hard since Nov 2019, to bring you a Minecraft server with a superb PVP experience. At launch, the server will have Kit-PVP, a brand new concept called Rush-PVP, Parkour, BedWars, and Mazes. Infos on the development are avaliable on the VeryPVP website.


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